What are some websites/programs you use to add graphics and make your pics look cool?

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well i use befunky.com and i love it.

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picknik also lunapic

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try the web site picnik it makes ur pictures look sooooo cool, i love it! and its free :)

pic website
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picnik rocks!

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this doesn't harm nor crashes your computer does it?

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nope! i use it allll the time!

Whats a good, free, program to use to make cool graphics and stuff?

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alright i'll try it out! thanks♥

What website should I use to decorate pics?
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blingee.com is good too....

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Corel® VideoStudio® Pro X3 is the software n u can use corel.com

What is a cool website when you're bored?
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i use paint shop pro 9 but i also have but dont use anymore photoshop elements and cs4... online sites are so limited and just give u the basic stuff thats possible within windows paint shop

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Tinypic.com and lunapic.com are best. glitterfly is good too XD

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