What are some good websites or jokes to help cheer someone up?

Anything as long as it can cheer me up. like a funny story.

Answer #1

depends. this is the funniest thing ive ever read [link removed]


Answer #2

crap. that wasnt the whole thing… hold on

Answer #3

[link removed] there!

Answer #4

that smell….a kind of smelly smell…its that smelly smell that smells…smelly :D

Answer #5

i look over plenty of different comics i always go to the link followed here:

[link removed]

they have all kinds of humor.

<3 always, Jennifer m. Gilmore-Goad

Answer #6

the links are removed.

Answer #7

link is gone :/

Answer #8

no link.

Answer #9

ahh watever…i give up. funmail me. i can cheer ya up

Answer #10

you kinda did. I clicked yuor profile, cuz of your name. That cheered me up a little.

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