website to download/read free books???

anyone know any websites where you can download/read a book for free??? I know its probly ilegal or sumin but there is this book I really wanna read, like now!!! anyone??? xxx

Answer #1

Most of the “free” book sites are either not free and trying to sell you books or are showing books that are off copyright. If your book is current, it won’t be on a free book site. You could try Pirate Bay or some such torrent site, if your book is really current. This site,, is really good for older books. It has a wide variety, and lots are excellent reads. Have fun!

Answer #2
Answer #3

There are lots of sites that legally provide the texts of books (and songs, and poems, etc) for free. But it’s mostly for classic works - like the ones that are on your required reading list, for example.

Just go to Google or any big search engine and type in the title and the word ‘online’, and you might just find that precisely the book you want is legally available on the web.

Otherwise, is there a public library nearby? They should be able to get almost anything on request, via inter-library loan.

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