Website for piercings

Is there a website out there that you can upload a photo of yourself to it and try to see if a piercing would look good on you?

I cant find one and in need of soon. Please help me(:

Answer #1

I put on these earrings I had on my bites, and I had them done but retired them after a month or so…im a cheerleader and I already have 9 piercings includeing my monroe in which I had drawn on my dot to be able to find the exact placement I wanted, with a monroe this is actually advised to noe exactly where you want it pierced wheter it be in the dead center or slightly off of your lip. just try eyeliner or clip ons. I found those works also. good luck :)

Answer #2

Haha for a lip piercing there are ones that you can clip on (and get the full jist)…

You can get them at like claires/ardenes…

I did it before I got mine done lol xD

Answer #3

draw it on wit eyeliner :)) im not sure if that workz 4 lipz or maybe draw it on the mirror and look at urself and pretend itz real? xD I don’t know

Answer #4

Nopeee I’ve never heard of one…

Just do it at home… Just wear a fake on one, look in a mirror and see how you like it… It’d probably be easier to just do that… haha


Answer #5

If you want to know how you’d look with a certain piercing either buy or make a fake one.

Answer #6

Thanks much. because I want a lip piercing. and I cant exactly clip one on and get the full jist of it.

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