Webkinz does anyone have one?

does anyone have a webkinz???

Answer #1

yes I have a webkinz and I have two of them but even though I am 16 I can still have 1 I mean there is not a problemo with that is it???!!!

Answer #2

Yes I have Webkinz. I don’t care if it’s a “baby” site, I love stuffed Animals and I am more then happy to play on the site.

These are the Webkinz I have along with their Names; (All are regular, not Lil ‘Kinz)

Fawn Pug- Sasha German Shepherd- Cash Black Labrador- Cody Chocolate Lab- Chaca (As in CHOCAlate) Raccoon- Maddie Siberian Husky- Demon Love Frog- Love Cocker Spaniel- [Doesn’t have a name yet] Elephant- Sedona

Answer #3

my little sisters have webkinz and they are obsessed with them. They go online every day to feed their animals and bring the stuffed animals everywhere. It seems cool and they have a few cool games but it is a little annoying to have them always ask to use the computer to go on webkinz.com…

Answer #4

I DO!!!

Answer #5

I do! I only have a few though. I am assuming you do have webkinz and if so whats your username?

Answer #6

I have webkinz! I have 12 right now, and I started 2 months ago! Here they are in order from my oldest to newest:

~Betsey- Pink Poodle ~Jermaine- Turtle ~Apollo- lil kinz Mouse ~Lucy- Persian Cat ~Clark- Easter Duck ~Julie Anne- Brown Dog ~Sammie- Samoyed Dog ~Wilma- Whimsy Dragon ~Alex- Alley Cat ~Saleisha- lil kinz Black Poodle ~Buster- Googles ~Regina- Elephant

Answer #7

Yes I Do! I Only Have 13 Now But I’ve Only Been Colecting For About 6 Months.

Answer #8

no but my friend does

Answer #9


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