what is the best thing to wear with a black tank top?

i dont have any black shirts… any good sugustions on what to wear?as an apparel?

Answer #1

black look good with any color…since it a shade! really good colors could be purple, an army green.. or jeans ( tht isnt a color but stil)

Answer #2

Well, I don’t really think there is a wrong way to dress when it comes to simple black tops. I like to wear them (in the summer) with brightly coloured shorts, or when it’s colder, skinny jeans and nice jewellery.

Answer #3

It depends really on the time of day it is..who you seem to be with…and such!

If it’s in the morning to mid day like up to 4pm I would say your free to wear it with just about anything…shorts, pants, jeans, or even a cool skirt.

As mentioned, black is a base color that matches with anything and everything…like from black to seriously anything…red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple, pink, gray, white, and anything in between such as baby blue, turquoise, bottled green, tea leaf green, lime green or even florescent green as well as any other color from red, maroon or burgundy to hot pink, light pink to fuchsia or any shade of purples from lilac dark purple to a light lavender…anything & i mean anything will go nice with a black tank top as long as it is early in the day!

Once past 4pm, you might get a chill & it would be best if you had something else in dark color…but watch out for mixing & matching.

you don’t want to have a green pair of shorts with the black tank top & change for a brown shirt…just wont look right!

good luck, hope I helped a bit.

Answer #4

Almost anything can be worn with a black tank, go for the layered look and wear another tank over it, a girly tee over it, a v neck shirt so that the tank peaks through. You can wear a vest over it…any color except for brown to me goes great with black.

Answer #5

skinny jeans ;)

Answer #6

red white gold

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