ways to lose weight?

any lifestyle food change ideaas? like recipes or what to eat and how much calories I should eat in a day,, and how many carbohydrates should I eat in a day?

Answer #1

Eat less, but 1200 cal a day is a bit severe. 1800 is probably healthier, at least that’s what my doctor says. (1200 cal. a day is what your body needs just to keep you alive, let alone walk around. If you are going to be exercising, you will need the extra 600 cal.) And try to divide it up into 4-6 mini-meals. That keeps the body metabolism up for the whole day.

And do physical things (moving around). Pick an activity that you are motivated to continue. Outdoor activities that you get paid for - dog-walking, lawn mowing, etc. Fun things that you do with someone else that can be a source of motivation - jogging with a friend, dancing or dance lessons, volleyball, basketball, swimming. Volunteer with a group that picks up trash along a local road, or helps build houses for others (Habitat for Humanity). If you can walk somewhere instead of being driven, do that. Use stairs instead of elevators / escalators.

Hope that you can use at least a couple of these hints (mine and others). Good Luck!!

Answer #2

Run a lot and limit your calories to 1200 or so a day.

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