What are good ways to raise money, like fund-raising?

Answer #1

A few I have heard of are baby sitting, pet sitting, mowing lawns, and cleaning houses. If you do either of the two first things listed, I would start with family members for practice just in case.

Answer #2

Once you have to set the purpose of raising up the money. If it is for helping victimes in Japan for instant, you could start collecting the condition of the people in Japan. You and you classmates can make a proposal to your headmaster to hold a kind of art exhibition, other students can sell their handcrafts, others can do some dance or singing performances. Then invite your parents, government officers, sponsors, teachers to come to the exhibition.

Answer #3

its like we need fund raising thing,i am starting my own program/business.

Answer #4

If it is for your own, then Epicsaurus’s idea is good. :-)

Answer #5

Bake sales are always good :)

Answer #6

Bake sale Yard Sale Home-made jewelry sale Car wash

Other ways to make money would be things like baby-sitting, pet sitting, mowing lawns, cleaning, etc… as already mentioned. Check out my how to, it may be helpful to you - http://www.funadvice.com/howto/money_16

Answer #7

umm might sound a bit weird but some girls I baby sit everyother weekend go to the center of town on wednesdays and the weekend and sell lemonade cookies and trinkets…..I have also helped by doing face painting and putting beads in hair….on really good days they raise well over 400 dollars the money goes to whatever they want it to go to atm and right now its Japan and Cancer so you can do something like that its not too too hard and since the spring is coming up there is always yard sales…..

Answer #8

do u have some sord of service to offer…for example i own a day spa with my sister and we have thought about doing fund raises…like for a missing child or something ….we would have all money go to the finding of the missing child….even if u set a stand outside of a store and sell coffee or cold drinks for a certain purpose

Answer #9

me and four close friends are opening a program/business.and we just need a few ideas on how we can raise money with the community.

Answer #10

Sell food. Everyone loves food.

Answer #11

Will the business you and your friends want to start be a profit-making one? If so, you could go to adults you know - not just friends and relatives, but local business-people, too - tell them about your project, provide them with a sample of your service or product, and ask them to invest in it. That means it would be a loan you would have to pay back out of the proceeds of your business. Doing it that way could give you an awesome educational experience in how the economy really works.

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