Ways for girls to masterbate

I'm kind of scared to shove a pen up there are ther any other ideas for masterbating?

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nething that vibrates!!! put it on your clit , let it vibrate 4 a bit and ull exprerience an amazing orgasm. I use it every time!!!

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This alwyas works. Get an old chapstick container, and rub your clit for a while. Then go a little faster. Then furiously rub it and you will have an awesome orgasm in seconds. Hope this works for you.
Dee : )

What are some ways girls can masterbate?
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hey guyss, its shelly and I dont know how to ask a question
so ill post mine here. uhm four the past 3 nights I have been using a sharpie and I had
orgasims with that but last night I tried all night and nothing:/ and tonite I tries the
end of a hairbrush amd nothing please

How does a girl masterbate?
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take 2 fingers and just finger yourself or get your boyfriend to do it its very pleasuringg.get him to eat you out when your done so I hope that helps :)

Girl masterbation
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hi I just turned 14 and had aready lost my verginity when I was 9 and me and the same guy are steal together no one has man trobles you just have to find your tybe my parents did'nt find out to about 2 months ago am sorry if this pises anyone off sorry beacuse this is how I really fell if your reading this take notice and just try to find your tybe of man sex is great yes and having a boyfriend is better!!!

Best way for a male to masterbate
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I dont no about 2 people but just using a finger or 2 works for me. plus texting my boyfriend helps. (no phone sex allowed tho.)plus using a sharpie helps. ( DONT use the cap side!)

What are some different ways for girls to masturbate
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I hope you girls are sterilizing those miscellaneous objects before masturbating with them. Have any of you ever heard of a yeast infection? Gross. Enjoy.

17 Year Old Girl" Other Ways To Masterbate
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mkmkmk, so I know it sounds really weird, but it works. I KNOW. use a electric toothbrush and rub it on your clit, that will lead you to an orgasm, a nice one at that.

what is a unique way to masterbate-girl?
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mk, so. ddont worry about how old I am, but I take an electric toothbrush, and hold it you my clit, and just wait, an orgasm will soon come.

What is that best way for a girl to masturbate with an electric toothbrush?
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buy the masqara caled LASHBLAST. its big and feels sooo good. put it in your vigina and start humping a pillow with the masquara in your vigina. it feels sooo good!!!

What is the best way to masturbate (girls only)?
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Rub your clit

Creative ways to masterbate?
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fingering is always good. or. adjust youself in the tub so your clit is right under the faucet. This may take some practice because you may have to hold yourself up to get the position just right. turn the water on luke warm, (I go close to hot, feels better) and just wait for the pleasure to come to you ;]

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can I masturbate with the end of the hair brush..and hoe should I sterilize it?

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Anything you use make sure you wash it in warm water for at least 45 seconds then use it. or use a condom, or else you can get a uti.
use the handle of an old hairbrush a smooth one. no points (WASH IT OR PUT A CONDOM ON IT)!

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Lay down in your bed in the dark, get some oil and massage your inner legs and stomach with it,then start to fantisize. When you feel ready touch your vagina, by this time you should be wet. I always insert something small into my anus then begin massageing my clit. When I feel I am about to orgasm I remove the object, wait for my vagina to stop pulsing, then go again. If you have trouble getting yourself arroused, look at porn on the internet it alway's helps me.

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Im 15 and my parents are out of town for the weekend and I just got out of the shower with my boyfriend and OMFG it felt so good first he put the shower head on full speed then put it on my clit omg it felt amazing. Then he put a tooth brush holder up there it was amazing too. But he wanted to take it to the next level so he graped his vibrating tooth brush and put it in the tooth brush holder and omfg I had like 5 orgasms he was licking my clit while doing this. Then I gave him a blowjob and we had sex in the shower it was the best!!! then when we got out of the shower we had sex again the same way except it was a little bit crazyer cause we were on my bed and we had more room. you should try that with your man it was a lot of fun!!! and now he wants to have sex again for the 4th time!!! lol!!

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I just use my back massager im using it rite now and mmm its good

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never use bottles or anything.. well glass ones anyway imagine if it broke in you? or was chipped and cut you!! OUCH. if you do use something around from the house I think you should just use it to rub yourself because it might give you infections if you put it inside because of the bacteria :)

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I'm 14 and I used a marker. All you do is rub your clit for a little while and keep licking your fingers while you're rubbing. Once you get a little wet, take the marker (with the cap on!) and lick it. Once the marker is wet, you basically tease yourself by rubbing your clit and around your hole gently. Then penetrate and gently and slowly pull it out a half inch and push it in again. Keep doing this faster and faster until you have an orgasm. Hope it works for you!!

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(I'm fourteen btw) What I do is I take an old sheet or comforter that no one uses anymore. I get a piece at the bottom balled up, then I leave a piece at the at to hold. You can hump it with your clothes on or off and if ut gets dirty just throw it in the washer real quick. Also, don't hump too hard like a crazy person cause you can damage some shit. If you're scared that someone will see you then do it at night when everyone else is asleep. 👌👌👌

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