Wavy hair using a straightner?

I heard you could make your hair wavy or curly with a straightner. How do you do that?

Answer #1

You have to have a really expensive, and THIN straightener to curl your hair. I wish I had one!! I got my hair done for Prom a few years ago, and my stylist used a straightener that was 150 dollars! It looked real cute though.

Answer #2

well I f you straighten it it gets naturally curly or wavy I straightned it and I regret it

Answer #3

its fine and it will work. I’ve heard that its fine. xoxoTina

Answer #4

I wish. I would luv to do that but who knows it might be true

Answer #5

I always use my hair straightners to curl my hair and my extentions and to be honest, I wouldnt use my curlers again. the straightners make the curls a lot more thicker and full of volume and bounce. very good (y) :)

Answer #6

Its easy with GHD’S, just take a little section of hair and clamp the straightners at the root and then turn the straightners 180 degrees and then slide the straightners down the hair slowly. then carefuly take the straightners away from the hair. Spray with hairspray and do the same with the rest of your hair. the smaller the section of har the better the curl.

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