What's your New Years resolution?

wats your new years resolution?

Answer #1

I want to lose 10 pounds too XD Stop Smokin Binge Less Get A New Loveeelly Boyfriend XD Continue To Do Well At SKLL Try and Save Some Moneey Get A Job.. Be Nicer To My Mumm…

List Goesss Onnn =P


Answer #2

sorri I don’t I am depressed a lot of the time too about life and you no like hating the body I am in and just feel I am just useless but I hope you find help and get it sorted out xx

Answer #3

Thanx, its nice 2 feel like im nt alone, a lot of the reasons that im depressed are feeling worthless, hating people, and I often have suicide thoughts, do you ever wana stop living?

Answer #4
  1. Lose weight.
  2. Write in a journal everyday.
  3. Get a job and start Driver’s Ed.
  4. Be more confident.*

*I like to sing. I’m in chorus but I never audition for solos or anything. I want to be more confident about singing in front of other people. The only people I’ll sing by myself in front of are my cousin (We’re like twins! =P Seriously, we’ve been asked if we’re twins.) and my kitty.

Also, not a resolution but a wish for this year. I want to get a boyfriend. I’m 15 and never had a date to a dance or homecoming or anything.


Answer #5

ha. I have many: 1. find another job. 2. get skinnier. 3. hopefully get a boyfriend. 4. not get pulled over AGAIN. lol =] =]

Answer #6

Aim for God and everything else will fall into place

Answer #7

Wait! I want to add one more resolution to my list!

  1. Be more comfortable in my skin.
Answer #8

sometimes but I try not to think bout that sorta thing

Answer #9

how come your depressed? just wondering

Answer #10

to lose 10 frekkin pounds ;D

Answer #11

my new years resolution is to get help for my depression problems,

Answer #12

don’t realy know, I just feel sh*t most of the time… if you have any advice I would luv 2 hear it

Answer #13

my new years resolution is to become a vegetarian. whats urs?

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