wats it taste like

what does cum taste like

Answer #1

yeahh, it definetly depends what they eat when I tasted it was gooey and dry… but they can definetly change the taste.

Answer #2

thnx 4 da advice. ma girlfriend enjoys it now. I used to always have caffeine. I cut down on it and I’ve been drinking lots of water! and eatin bananas. lol. so ma girlfriend gav me head last nite. she just kept wantin more. lol. :)

im horny now

Answer #3

BitterSweet. Depends on the person. They say people who eat lots of fruit/chocolate
Pine apples Strawberries Melon DARK Chocolate have sweet tasting come.

Answer #4

WEll when my boyfriend had sum terriyaki chicken the night before it tasted hella salty nasty nasty I had to think about swallowing for the first time. it usally tastes like a gewyy kinda bitter and kinda sweet and warm …

Answer #5

haha okay, my mom says it taste like salt. it does depend on what you eat. and my opion its like a warm thick luggie.

Answer #6

Guys can improve the taste of their sperm by what they eat. Things that can make sperm taste bad are asparagus, red meat, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, onions and garlic. Things that can improve the taste are honey, citrus fruits (especially pineapple), bananas, celery, and drinking lots of water. It’ll take a day or so, and it helps if he ejaculates in the meantime to get rid of more of the bad tasting semen.

hope that helped

Answer #7

I’ll call my mom and ask,hold on,but she will probably say chicken

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