Who watches Toddlers & Tiaras?

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Answer #2

I can’t. Don’t have cable. And even if I did, I’d watch an episode, see if I liked it then go from there …

Answer #3

Awesome! I’m like in love with pageants!!

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Answer #5

my mom does all the timeXD

Answer #6

I like her already.. lol :)

Answer #7

lol :)

Answer #8

I do(: and Little Miss Perfect<3

Answer #9

I don’t watch it… haha.

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Answer #12

I do!Its so cute and fun to watch but sometimes I watch it and think “What is wrong with her mother?!?” Having a 6 yeah old WAX?!? You must be out of your mind! :)

Answer #13

i love that show :)

Answer #14

Insecure women and pedoph!les.

Answer #15

i do

Answer #16

Me too!(: I love it! They are so freaking cute

Answer #17

I do to laugh at the fact that this is the future of America right there caring more about whats on their head instead of whats in it….and of course to watch the ridiculous parents that “raise” these kids.

Answer #18

I do!!!!! I was a pageant queen as a child so i luuuv watchin it! lol

Answer #19

its retarded because it teaches kids to be competitive. what good does that give? I seriously think beauty pageants (for kids) should be banned. Beauty isint worth all. But who’s talking the person who made a 40 on thir benchmark thats retarded lol. I watch it because its fun to see how they teache kids how to be wh0res

Answer #20

i’m soo inlove with your awenser!!! someone that thinks like me :):):):):):):

Answer #21

I wouldnt go that far but it does send the wrong message to the kids who need to focus on socializing with kids their age instead of focusing on winning pagents. If your aboove the age of 10 then its fine I was in a few pagents won Miss Congeniality (Sorry If Spelling Is Wrong) but before then is stupid.

Answer #22

ME :)

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