Who watches "I Used To Be Fat" on MTV?

How is it healthy to lose 90 pounds in 3 months? That’s basically 1 pound per day. Is that healthy? And is it possible for normal people like us to lose weight like that without a personal trainer? I want to lose 15-20 pounds by February 14th. :D

Answer #1

I watch that! I love watching them type of programs, but i asked yesterday if it was healthy to lose 30lbs in a week, because this girl was 17 and 510 lbs and apparently not, everyone said it is healthy to lose between 2-3 lbs a week, but my february if you work hard and eat properly id say you could lose that amount! :) Although judging by your picture i doubt you need to, you would probably disappear hahah :)

Answer #2

Unfortunately, the show has yet to hit our foreshore, but sounds like fun. Is it a “I’m the biggest loser” type reality tv? If so, I love watching people sweat and cry in pain whilst exercising. :-P

Answer #3

LOL sort of, but with one person per episode. You know what’s better?! They’re younger, so they whine even more! The show is really cool, though. Go to mtv.com, you’ll be able to watch it there!

Answer #4

Cool bananas, thanks for the site missy. Will have a look, I need something to laugh at, even if it is at some poor person’s expense. MTV here I come. :-)

Answer #5

It isn’t healthy. But then again, it depends on how overweight you are, for someone that is morbidly obese that might actually be healthy, because that is just what their body loses when they start eating less and healthy, but it is definitely NOT healthy for a person who is slightly overweight or normal weight. And losing 15-20 pounds in 39 days is unrealistic unless you are truly morbidly obese. 10 pounds seems much more normal.

Answer #6

I love that show :)

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