Is it ok to when u watch t.v. to always want to watch like forenics shows, like forensic files, law and order, csi, shows like that, or is it odd?

Answer #1

That’s what I watch?

Answer #2

No that is not odd that is all i watch my mom and sister to (:

Answer #3

My daughter says they shouldn’t have shows like that because it teaches people how to commit crimes, and she is 10

Answer #4

No it doesn`t lol they already know how to commit them , it teachs people how to solve them.

Answer #5

That’s what I tried to tell her and told her she is not really old enough to understand shows like that

Answer #6

I dont feel like there is anything wrong with them but shes only 10 , she may think that it`s taching people to comit crimes just try to explain to her .

Answer #7

And why is your 10 year old telling you what to do?

Answer #8

Shes not telling her what to do her daughter is saying people shouldnt watch it.

Answer #9

She doesn’t tell me what to do, I was just sayin what she had said about the shows, I would never let my child tell me what to do, believe me she knows her place and has known all her life

Answer #10

Then why is this an issue? Discuss what you enjoy about the show and move on?

Answer #11

I was just wondering if it were odd that that is the only types of programs I watch

Answer #12

i watch those shows, i love them.. alot of the other stuff on t.v is points and idk thats interesting, and sometimes to a certain level eucational

Answer #13

consider it your brain giving you career advice

Answer #14

Odd? I’ve read books on serial killers, psychopaths, sociopaths etc since I was twelve. I don’t want to grow up and commit crimes, I just find it interesting.

Answer #15

lol, and thus what that meant about you? kids do have a way of getting under your skin dont they, it doesn’t mean anything about you… it’s not odd…

Answer #16

In fact they do have a way of gettin under ur skin, lol

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