What would be better a real tan or fake one?

Gettin a real tan or a fake 1? Xx

Answer #1

well im natural tanned not brown but olive skin. and I have dark features which match very well. I would go for fake though, as the sunbeds ect. can really effect and damage your skin.

Answer #2

A natural tan will ALWAYS look better… but there is the risks from the sun So if a natural looking tan is what you want, look around for a spray tan and spend a little extra on one to make sure it is of the highest qualitly.

Answer #3

get a fake tan both tanning beds and the sun directly cause skin cancer and prematurely age your skin and face as well as numerous other things the only safe tan is a fake tan one form a bottle, spay on, wipe, cream or can be smart and get a fake tan

Answer #4

if you have $$ and really want a tan do a spray one…I’ve heard they look really good

Answer #5

buy the lotions that tan your skin lil by lil

Answer #6

I’d say fake, too much sun really can be bad for you (:

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