What happens if the cops find a runaway?

if you runaway,and your parents call the cops and the cops
find u,what do they do 2 u?

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usually they just bring you back unless you are on probation then they lock you up or if your mom dont want you no more then they lock you up till they can find you a group home or something

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Don't do it you'll regret it. My daughter did and she was murdered

At what age can I run away without being brought home?

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I want to but I dont want a recored or anything like that my mom verbaly abuses me but I dont wont her to go to jail cus its not that bad and if I do my parents will send me to a shrink and metal hospital and all that stuff and it will just get worse from there how can I legaly run away without my mom going to jail?

if your parents kicked you out...
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you will go to juvinal coucelar

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Haha okay I done this lots of times and yes they have found me once before ... alll they did was make me sit in the cop car until my parents got there to pick me up. So they really dont do that much maybe take you home.

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I accualy had this happen if your parents call the cops and the cops find you usually on the first time nothing will happen but on the next time theres a good possibility that you can go to jail I've done I 4 times and only hadd to spend the night in jail once and I even ran from the cops

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If you run away and police find you, you will be taken in and then social services will interview you to ask for your reasons of running away. Plus your parents will be interviewed by the police to make sure there is no risk of child abuse in your home and that is what you are running away from.

If it isn't serious it can be seen as wasting police time and will be cautioned with a police record for you.

If it is bad on your behalf you can be interviewed even further but with psychiatrists to see if you have a mental state that needs to be taken care of.

If you are planning to run away and know you will get caught please talk to someone, someone like me if you don't want it to be someone face to face. It may seem like no one is listening to you, but we will. Just ask us.

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No matter what you did you will get in trouble. it depends what happened. what was the situation. if it was really bad then you prob. will get probation or have to spend the weekend in jail. if it was just something small then nothing big should happen maybe 1 month of probation or something small like that. :]] -Brittany

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One of my friends ran away twice, and got caught both times, the 1st time nothing happened. the 2nd time, she got out on house arrest for a month or 2...

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they will return you to your parents, theres no type of prosecution.

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they bring you back home or send you to a different home I don't know

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ok if your being abused then call the police and tell them that you cant go back or run out of county that way another group of people will interview you or just wait because I used to get hit but now I've waited and im older bigger and stronger so I dont get hit (my dad tried once and I held him down to the couch so now he wont even try)

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I want to run away!!! My dad is so mean. I want my friend to run away with me and she would but she doesnt want to leave her family. It is just to much at my house!!!

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What happens if you're a runaway who just turned 18

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sorry I aint helping but I need to run away, I dont have a reason. I havent been abused I just need to get out and let my problems go away. its hard to know where to go and everything, I thought of friends houses ut there mum will bring me back or phone the cops and everyone in my family lives in nottingham and I live in york sooo... Its really difficult and I want someone to run away with. My friends say im stupid and tell me not to run away. But it comes into my mind everyday and its really annoying. I just cant help it. am I mental or just upset??? please someone answer :'(

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cps had my daughter, she ran away fromthem 17 times, the last time she came to me, like and idiot I allowed her to stay while working on getting her to turn herself in, cops came day before she was to turn herself in now cps is wanting to charge me with harboring a runaway what can I do???

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well when the cops find you they keep you in custurdy and interrogate you then they will make sure that you are your parents kid and then they will hand you in to your parents who will probably ground you.

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thats not a good ideaa,I have heard terrible storiess but I have always wanted to run awayy..but if you dont get a lot of trouble then why not??,livee everyday like its yr lastt,thats all I doo

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I cant begin to explain the kind of abuse im recieving from my parents, please someone needs to tell me a way to help myself...but wait theres a catch, the place I live in has no social security number, no help, nothing, if the people here catch me running away, they either force me to tell them where my parents are, and then my parents would hurt me really much, or thed advertise me somewhere so my parents can come and hurt me in front of them, and nobody does anything about this kind of thing here, please I just want to avoid suicide.

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