what SHOULD I SAY???

I like this one boy that just started to go out with today and all my friends don’t want me to date him and I do though but all my friends say to braekup with him…what should I say to my friends to make them stop saying that???

Answer #1

Just tell them how he makes you feel .. if they dont get it them tell him that your the one datin him not themm. That happend to me once and the guy dumped me because of my friends.:[. soo dont make the same mistake make them see this from YOUR point of view!!

Answer #2

tell them how you feel about this boy, and that you want to give him a chance, they should understand if they are your real friends =)

your happy to be with this boy right? -well then your friends should be as well, maybe he isnt the best choise, but you really cant tell untill you try. if things go wrong, and you guys break up, you should know that your friends will be there no matter what.. ask them just to be there for you -be happy for you

hope I helped, good luck ♥

Answer #3

hmmm, well maybe you should talk to your friends, maybe even re-think them?!!

funmail me for some girl talk any time =)

Answer #4

thank you sooo much I really do like this boy and even though I all ready dated him one I liked it and my (friends) mad me break up with him

Answer #5

tell them no. they’ll get the hint if you say it enough :]

Answer #6


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