what does this mean???

what does it mean when you a guy wants to 69 you?

Answer #1

it means that he wants to have sex opposite ways . like your head will be on the pillow side and his will be on the end of the bed so you give him head and he eats you out . so its basically oral sex.

Answer #2

It means he wants you to give him head while he eats you out.

Answer #3

Answering this question on another level, it means that he is more than willing to give pleasure to you, and not just be in it for himself.

However, PLEASE note that all diseases that can be passed from regular intercourse, can be passed through oral techniques. So still be careful.

Good Luck!!

Good gracious, I had to reword this answer at least 8 times because any answers on this subject have to be tiptoed around. I really wish that FunAdvice would return the category ‘MATURE’ where we could answer factually without having to resort to asterisks, misspelled words and euphemisms.

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