What age does your boobs stop growing ??

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it really varies person to person
my sister was flat chested untill she was 18 then she grew boobs and is now a D

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I was relieved when some said 24 im 20 now and im a 36B which I dont like my sister is 15 years old and is a 34D now how piss taking is this hopefully mine will grow hehe

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I am 17 and my boobs are still like a B36, what the f*%#!!! When will they grow!!! my moms are huge. but she also is on the "heavy" side where as im VERY skinny.

I have a question...

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a womanls breasts stop grawing from 18-24. but can change during your lifetime because of weight or pregnancies.

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the user above me is right...mine basically only started really growing at 19...it really differs from person to person.

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Girls generally stop growing from the ages 18-24. Most stop growing way before then though. I'm 16 and I've had the same size boobs since like 8th grade.

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***they start when your born really***

No they don't...they start developing during pubert...anything from about 11 years of age.

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"They start when your born really"

Yeah, as said above, they usually start when you're about 11 (that differs from one person to another).
I think they stop growin' at 18-24...
But, they can change if you increase in weight, for example, or get prego...

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around the ages of 18-21
but it varies from person to person
then things like sometimes the pill, pregnancy and gaining weight could make them bigger as well
while things like not eating, eating disorders, over exerscising, ect will make them not develop properly or stop developing

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I always had a small B cup from high school till i had my 1st baby at 22 they grew due to milk as i breast fed but went bk down again to a B cup. The same happend with my 2nd baby at 32 then at 34 my breasts developed a mind of their own n just seemed to grow over night to an E cup!!!!! Im not heavy but do have a broad back so have to now buy size 18 tops but still in a size 12 bottoms. Be careful what you wish for cause it could happen at any time lol

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