how can i keep washing my face a daily thing?

Answer #1

You mean as in remembering to wash it daily? Write yourself some post-its or set an alarm on your cellphone at night that reminds you its time to wash your face. Its really important to wash before bed to remove any makeup and dirt from the day that will clog your pores and cause acne.

Answer #2

Set an alarm, daily on your phone to remind you of doing it. You should try to make it a habit. Try to remember doing it, and why it’s important for you to do it.

Answer #3

I had this issue too, so I made it part of my routine, if you put it with something you do everyday anyways, you wont forget. So, I do it before washing my hair. I used to pair it with brushing my teeth. See if you just make it part of what you everyday anyways, it’s harder to forget. In the meantime, put a postit note on your mirror till you just automatically do it.

Answer #4

If you have your own bathroom and can keep your cleansing products on the vanity, then just seeing them sitting there every night will certainly remind you to wash your face. If you share a bathroom with the rest of the family, what about putting your cleansing products in a make up bag and leaving it on your bed or nightstand. Then when you see them each night you can go use them. Having a visual reminder should help.

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