Was my boyfriend hard (horny)

Today my boyfriend and I were at the park with my friends.And we were on the swings and he wanted me to sit on his lap(like all ways).So I sat he's lap and a few minutes later I feel some thing poking me in my butt.And time to time his's trying to pull me up close to him.And has'nt really happened befor till yesterday.So is his horny or what ,cuse I have no clue?!!

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Really to tell you the truth it probley was no on purpose
no matter who it where to sitt on his lap it may of happen because another object touching it that close may make it "hard"
When a ... is in pain
it gets hard.
Why ...because when its hard it feels no pain

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yeah girl if you seating on a boys lap for a period of time you ten to feel something and that means they horny but you should never get the boy horny because you know that all come and his going to have to let that out by haven sex with you or playing with him self...

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Ha he did that for a reason he's just another horny boy sadly it never goes away haha

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don't think he's weird trust me it doesn't take much of any touch to make it go hard and guys get random boners it's not like he can make it stay down.

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haha yeah. I don't think he has learned to control his hormones yet lol

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uhhh...yeh hunn.that would mean he has a bonerr

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