Answer #1

yes it can

Answer #2

In a perfect world, it could :( Unfortunately in the real world, there’s territory disputes, religious intolerance, differences in economic systems, inequality, greed, ter.rorism, oppression, genocide, hatred…and too many people running the world with their guns drawn.

Answer #3

in a world where stupid ppl & weapons dont exist but sadly stupid ppl run the world & some idiot a long time ago invented weapons

Answer #4

If you’re asking whether as a civilian you can prevent war, the answer is flat out no. The politicians in their high seats make all the right calls to make -sure- they get into war when they want to. That’s where we get events such as 911, and pearl harbor. Yes we all know that 911 was an inside job but you’re probably thinking “THE JAPANESE BOMBED PEARL HARBOR?” which is true. But the reason they attacked pearl harbor is because our government majorly ticked them off before hand. Things like this happen in other countries as well, if you look back to WWII, Adolf Hitler burned his reichstag to extend his rule and prepare for war with his newly gained “Unlimited power”. Please correct me if I got any of my facts wrong though, it’s been a while since I delved into all this stuff..

Answer #5

Some genius a long time ago invented weapons. The only difference is back then what they used their weapons on they ate. (Used weapons for hunting)

Answer #6

no.. if it could there would never have been any wars.

1 party will always strike first and so starts the war.

Answer #7

It usually can. But war = money. At least for some people it means profit.

‘what if they gave a war and nobody came?’ - old slogan used in the 60s to protest wars

Answer #8

The other party doesn’t have to strike back. It just always does.

Answer #9

i know i was being sarcastic about the idiot not stupid i’ve went to school i know why they invented weapons but i also know how they misuse them 2day and thats what i was reffering to!

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