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Is it alright for a man wanting to dress up as a woman and go out shopping to do so and wear a very pretty dress and lingerie while doing it, and go to a womans clothing store and try on new dresses.

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you are a man and you dont need to behave like a woman

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My opinion, not natural, not at all masculine.

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Its perfectly fine if a man wants to do this
Everyone has their own opinion on this kind of stuff, its kinda like how some people dont like gay people
But any way, if you want to dress as a woman, go for it, Other men do this, and women dress as men... just do what makes you happy... not what you think is the right thing.

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Nothing wrong with it as you are not hurting anyone, but if you go out in public then you will get stares and nasty comments no doubt so just depends if you can deal with that. I would probably be one of the people staring at you because it would be a strange sight.

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That's creepy. God made you a man, and you should act and dress like a MAN not a WOman. You don't see animals acting like other animals, so you shouldn't either. Animals know what their doing.

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yes, its normal
thats just your fetish
and its a pretty common fetish men have (dressing up like woman)
dont be ashamed of it
but be aware that not everyone is open minded
some people think its disgusting, and there are even wankers out there who bash both gay men and men who dress in womans clothing
so be aware of the idiots out there
but dont be ashamed or embarrassed about it
theres nothing wrong with it
and it certainbly doesnt make you any less human

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