What is something about yourself you wanted to improve and did you succeed?

I’ll go first. I needed to get better at recognizing people’s strengths, it was something I was very concerned about when I first started working. I think I’ve gotten a lot better at it, even though I have to remind myself sometimes to do it when I’m talking to people.

Answer #1

Well when I was a bit younger I used to grin with all my teeth showing and making my mouth as big as possible. I decided it looked better with only my top teeth showing xD it took a while of practising in the mirror but I succeeded lol :D

Answer #2

Managing my time more during work hours instead of having to stay back another 30 minutes to get things done. Have been sent to AIM to do a “Time Management” for 2 days and unfortunately didn’t really apply the techniques I was taugh. :-(

Answer #3

I wanted to be skinny! Im half way there. lol

Answer #4

More conidence. Oh yeah. I succeeded big time :D Spelling. Not at all :P

Answer #5


Answer #6

I was in an abusive marriage. So, for me it was regaining my confidence and just remembering who I was as opposed to who he wanted me to be. I still have trouble trusting men in a relationship setting. Even my little 7lb dog does, everytime a man comes to our house, she barks and has a fit, she was never like that. Trust runs deep…

Answer #7

Study skills.. I am really bad at studying. I can do homework just fine, but once I sit down for a test. Everything just disappears..

Answer #8

I have been working on keeping my room cleaner this year. It seems to be working but I have to be careful not to have to many lazy days or I will end up right back where I started…

Answer #9

It takes an incredible amount of courage to get out. And even more courage to try again. Thank you for sharing with us. And your dog is probably picking up on how you feel. I’m betting she gets better as you get better.

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