How can I get the color out of my hair?

How can I strip color out of my hair?

Answer #1

Ok, so your natural hair color is black and you went from black to lighter colors? Right? I want to make sure I know exactly what you have done before I advise you. And please tell me what color you want your hair to be as a final result.

It is ok to condition your hair more than twice a week, by the way.

Answer #2

My hair was black. Then i got it two colors a brownish red and some light r color brown color. It is starting to break off really bad. I am conditioning my hair 2 times a week. But i didnt want to have to cut the color out. I was hopeing i could strip some of the color out.I am not sure if that is possible. Thanks for any advice you can give me:)

Answer #3

ask to get it stripped at your hairdressers

Answer #4

Could you give me a little more detail. What is your natural hair color? What color do you have on your hair now? And what color do want the final result to be?

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