Want a promotion, how do get my boss to like me?

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Set a goal - work it out with your boss. Say "in X time frame, I'm going to produce Y result, above & beyond the baseline". Then once you meet that goal, set another one - use a 1-3 month time frame, so they can see how you execute & that you're committed to the team for the long haul.

When you've exceeded the bar the first time, discuss openly that you'd like to be given Z responsiblity / title change / pay raise, etc, when you exceed the goal. As they've already seen your commitment, and ability to achieve above line results, they're sure to agree that you deserve advancement.

Um, making sure to give presents at special occassions like the holidays to your boss & coworkers, encouraging others around the company to do well in their work & take pride in things, etc, will also help clinch your ability to move up the ladder.

Good luck.

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