Walmart sells rated 'r' movies but edited CDs?

Why does walmart sell rated ‘r’ movies but edited cds?

Answer #1

Because they’re idiots. There’s absolutely no point in editing music. If it’s so “offensive” DON’T LISTEN TO IT. It should be sold/played as the band/singer wrote it. Same goes for TV/movies, leave it as it’s wrote. Edited version are stupid and pointless. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it/listen to it. That’s why I never CD shop at Wal-mart… they SUCK! lol

Answer #2

omg I have always thought that thats why I never get my cd’s at walmart because they take out all the bad words and then the cd is no good..

Answer #3

yea thats what I meant lol. but I know they dont sell porn. but there are movies they sell that are cusswords everyother word but ok I get what your sayin ty

Answer #4

could you phrase your question more clearly? did you mean “why does walmart sell rated ‘R’ movies but only edited cds”?

who would know? I imagine it has something to do with obscenity by-laws and the popular culture of your particular area. movie ratings are unrelated to the music industry’s rating system, and, confusingly, laws affect the two media differently in many cases. lyrics can get extremely explicit but, for the most part, the movie industry shies away from flagrantly obscene content – the porn industry takes care of what hollywood won’t. I’m fairly sure that walmart doesn’t sell pornographic stuff.

Answer #5

rated “are?” Wooow. You’re stupid.

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