What could my inner wall pain be?

I am going to the doctors I went last time but we didnt discuss what it was so i am going back on thurs... But I would like some ideas on what it cud be. It hurts when I have sex. or wen that wall is pushed on.... I did have a std but it cleared up and it wasnt even a std they treated it as one. so its not that any ideas on what it cud be it started in like late jan i was thinking maybe a torn muscle that isnt healing?

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Maybe Endometriosis, that's a comma sign, when its hurts to b intimate

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It could be that, it could also be a different type of infection or even the STD that has come back, not all STD's go away permanently and can come back numerous times before they get better. Also like Imlonely mentioned endometriosis or any type of growth can cause chronic pain and it is DEFINITELY worth speaking to your doctor about.

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What is Endometriosis and is it serious? sorry just want some ideas before i go in bc im really scared

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Endometriosis is growths in the uterus wall, it is very treatable, but needs to be treated as leaving them can cause serious damage to your uterus. Doctors will always check for endometriosis if a woman/girl comes in complaining of pain, because it is so common. Another very noticable side effect of endometriosis is very painful and often heavy periods. I wouldn't worry about that too much, but it might be a good thing to mention to your doctor, especially since you are complaining of chronic pain.

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yeah im going to talk with her thurs and gunna talk wit my gmas whose a nurse bc its just my wall nothing else and wen me and my doc disscuss it last time it had to do with my muscle of the wall but she thought it was just my yeast infection that was causing it so she wanted to care of tht. They wrote it down as a std but all it was was a really bad yeast infection.

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Okay thank you I will do that.

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I wud follow IreneMs advice and ask the doc, hopefully they can figure out wats goin on, and they checked me for Endometriosis with an ultrasound, so its not to painful to get checked for it, good luck

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Remember to tell your doctor that they already treated you for a yeast infection. Often patients forget to tell doctors that the treatment didn't work and then they end up with the same treatment and the same problems.

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