Voting for the lesser evil

Recently, I’ve noticed ( well I might be wrong :O) that politics is all screwed up, but wait!!! I’ve noticed this by listenining, obama and mccain are like kinda squeezing the country, like mccain wants 2 build around 45 nuclear powerplants, well ok obama is in the sorta safe zone but I know people are going to be disapointed with him 2 some degree. Oh and is europe and asia going to skyrocket in profit consumption compared 2 america??? you know im never going to ask another question on politics XD

Answer #1

If you don’t like either of them, then don’t vote for either of them. The results are going to be the same regardless of who you vote for (or if you don’t vote at all for that matter). Since your vote is not going to swing the election, it’s silly to waste your time and emotional currency betting on the “lesser of two evils”.

Why not vote for a third party candidate, or an independent instead?

Answer #2

Some people might feel that way, but many see Obama as not only the lesser of 2 evils, but actually someone who can make a difference, and bring a new kind of politics to Washington. But some people are so blinded by their ideology that see Obama as just another politician. Not to say he is perfect, no one is. But he is by far the best person for the job…

Answer #3

This election many people feel that way, ‘lesser of 2 evils’ - I would call you severely lacking in values and Leadership.

Answer #4

I agree

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