why do we vote?

why do we vote?

Answer #1

A better question might be, why do people vote for someone they really don’t want, just because they view them as electible and not as bad as the other guy?

It’s as if the vast majority of voters live in a fantasy world where they think their vote will be the deciding vote.

Answer #2

Would you not rather have a say in who is leading your country? Would you prefer that you lived in a monarchy and had to accept a king who was fiendish and cruel?

You vote so you have a chance at choosing who you think is the best person to lead your country.

Answer #3

toadaly, as reagan would say “there you go again”.

I really don’t think any (or very very few) people think their one vote will decide anything. But some people, me for one, still feel that as little as it counts, it is still a waste to throw a vote away to someone who has no chance of winning. I did it once, and have regretted it ever since. Not to say I beat myself up over it, but I look at it as a mistake. An inconsequential mistake, but a mistake nonetheless. But if there are a few hundred thousands others who did the same and feel the way I do now, then it really isn’t so inconsequential.

Answer #4

So we can choose the right pple…

Answer #5

To Elect.

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