What is your favorite vodka?

What is your favorite vodka??

Answer #1

I’m sorry, I’m russian so I do it stylin’ lol Greygoose (I know it’s french okay but it’s still damn good!) and blueberry stoli

though I do favor Bacardi Gold and Bacardi Mellon…mmm…

Answer #2

Three Olives in cherry. If you know what Sonic is(the fast food place, not the hegdehog) I always get a cherry-limeade, bring it home and mix cherry vodka(always three olives) in it. Yum! Or, I mix it with 7up.

Answer #3

BACARDi is the BEST!! Lmfa00 hahahaha jkjk I’m not a big fan on vodka seeing as tho I’m 15 l0l but I have tried Bacardi before it’s SUPER SUPER strong! Yuckiee! I like Smirnoff ice tho but thats nuttin compared tew vodka ^_^ Lmfa00

Answer #4

Then just get sprite or 7up or any lemon/lime soda. Soo good. Raspberry vodka is good too.

Answer #5

vodka cruiser, watermelon,, yummmy!

Answer #6

Everclear diluted in water…

Answer #7

Smirnoff always

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