Is vitamin water bad or good for you?

Is vitamin water bad for you or good for you?

Answer #1

I was reading an acrticle on it and it is VERY high in sugar and calories, …depending on your reasons for drinking it I guess…

Answer #2

It has vitamins and electrolytes…BUT it also has a lot of sugar. I believe there’s 13 grams of sugar per serving. Each bottle is 2.5 servings and 150 calories. When I work out, I prefer to drink water or Propel. I don’t want to consume sugar and calories while I’m trying to burn calories and fat. That’s just my opinion. It sure tastes good though!

Answer #3

Yes it is bad or good for you.

Answer #4

Ya it is good for me.

Answer #5

We have an addiction to Gatorade AM (Tropical Mango). Even though it may have a bit of sugar and calories, we prefer it instead of the soda I used to drink. Don’t get me wrong, I did not guzzle soda by the case, but 2-3 cans a day really is not good.
Gatorade, although sweet, is a bit healthier then soda because it does contain the potassium and other things which your body needs. A healthier thirst quencher then soda.

Answer #6

I do not know so I’m asking you?

Answer #7

Not if you are drinking vitamin water 10. It has 10 calories with 3 g of sugar

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