Vista or XP?

what do you prefer vista or xp? is vista worth the money?

and most importantly is the xp-vista gap same as 98-xp gap?

Answer #1

Its a complicated question. XP is a stable, well proven OS environment, because it is already 6 years old and has had all the major bugs that come with a new OS ironed out of it. When XP was new, people hated it, much like people hate Vista now. Vista is comparatively new, and so still needs some refinement.

My parents have a relatively middle-to-high end laptop running Vista Home Premium, and it runs fine, its not noticeably slow for the most part, though if it were running XP it would be a lot faster. 1Gb of Ram is an absolute minimum with Vista I feel, more if you can, and steer well clear of Vista Home Basic.

The XP-Vista Gap - I’d liken it more to the 95-98 gap than the 98-XP gap. The difference is this time, Vista looks a lot more different than XP, whereas 95 and 98 had a similar look. I would consider Vista to be an evolutionary development from Xp, not a revolutionary one. The choice at the end of the day is yours - but keep in mind, XP is going to get out of date a lot quicker than Vista is.

Answer #2

vista does have better graphics and some other better stuff than xp, but definitely dont buy vista right now. its still relatively new and therefore still has some problems. xp is definitely a more secure operating system right now. stick with xp for now and you can always upgrade to vista later.

Answer #3

My father-in-law has a high end laptop running Windows Vista and it is slow. Vista actually does have some nice stuff in it but unless you have a super high end machine you will be frustrated by its performance. You will probably be happier with XP.

Answer #4

I haven’t heard anyone saying anything amazing about Vista so im assuming its nothing very fantastic. If it was that cool everyone would be talking about it, probley not worth the money.

Answer #5


stick wit xp

Answer #6

vista is only worth it on a brand new computer there are lots of updates it is hard to keep up with them all but it dose seem a bit better than xp if you have over 2 gb ram

Answer #7

Despite its shortcomings, Vista is a lot, lot better than Windows ME. It has similarities to ME (which was basically a jumped-up version of Windows 98SE with badly-integrated add-ons), but at least Vista is stable. A lot of Vista to me is unnecessary and resource-intensive eye candy, but on the whole, its not too bad…

Answer #8

XP. . . . is better Vista is the new M.E.

Answer #9

VISTA really sucks. it has a lot of problems. go with XP not that windows are any good. you should switch operating systems

Answer #10

XP for sure

Answer #11

I doo love vista and I think it’s great on my computer. I havn’t noticed any problems so far.. I’ve only had it for about a month though. However it’s defenitely not worth the money just to buy the program to upgrade your computer. It’s fine if it already comes with your computer..

=] xxx

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