Does this count as sex?

Yesterday me and my boyfriend were together and something happened... I'm not sure if it's classified as sex or what but what I want to know is if it means I'm not a virgin... he was trying to get his penis in me but he couldn't... I don't know if I'm too tight or what cause he put it on the spot and I tried putting it but it wouldn't go in... then it slipped in and I think he felt it went in... it hurt a lot, well more of a sting... and then it slipped out... and I stopped him... is that considered as sex?? Am I not a virgin anymore??

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The "sting" you felt was most likely the tearing of your hymen, which in technical terms (and I believe medically speaking - although I'm not a doctor!) means you're no longer a virgin.

I hope you used, and will use, protection against disease and pregnancy, and that you are of the proper age for having sex. However, in light of your question I'd guess that you should seek some information about sex and your body, either from a parent, trusted adult, school nurse, doctor, or other organization.


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The reason your bf found it hard to get his penis inside of you is becos you were no where near wet enough so him to gently slide it in, so it would hurt and the stinging was becos of the friction. Next time you try having sex for real, use alot of lubrictant. This will losen things up and your bf will be able to gently put his penis inside you and it wont hurt as much. But please use protection.

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You souund like a virgin to me. You are officially still a virgin.

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yea ummm...
to the guy only a woman would know about this...
umm your not a virgen anymore umm the pain you felt was the himmin tareing and that means that you are not a virgen

Does this count as sex?

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