What different virgin nipple with no virgin one?

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...beg pardon?

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I don't understand your question. You should either word it better or put an explanation. Please. :)

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your questions makes no sense. if you were asking wether a virgins nipple is different to that of a non-virgins nipple (someone whos already had sex) there is NO difference. nipples dont change when you have sex

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all i can say is that nipples can change in colour and size during pregnancy but as already stated, they dont change when you lose your virginity

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There really is no change in nipple form before or after sex. Maybe it gets turned on more? I can't really answer this cleanly because your question makes absolutely no sense at all.

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It almost sounds like a virgin nipple is a drink and you want to know what it would mean if the drink was a virgin without the virgin part. If that's true, then when alcoholic drinks have no alcohol in them they throw the word "virgin" infront of the title of the drink so you know there's no alcohol in them. I may be waaaay off on what you're asking, though.

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maybe the question should be, does a sucked nipple differ (size, color, or watever) to that of unsucked or untouched one. i also wana know the answer.

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