What are your views on homeschooling your children?

Answer #1

For my children, hell no. I prefer sending them to public school where my kids will have the real “competition” both in terms of knowledge as well as social cultures. To me home schooling tend to isolate the kids from being the real growing. However for some condition home schooling must be taken when the kids have activities that make them can not attend public school like, being an actress. maybe like Justin LOL.

Answer #2

I am worried about the economy and gas prices along with all the other prices of things going up. This is what made me start thinking about home schooling my child. My husband and I drive our daughter to school everyday and pick her up as well do to the fact the bus does not come out our way.

Answer #3

Well I’m being homeschooled right now and I don’t see it as a good thing or a bad thing. There are so many pros, cons, and conditions so its hard to generalize but I’ll try. Pros would include 1)being able to see you childs work for yourself. 2) Knowing your child is in the safty of your home away from bullies. 3) Children the have been homeschooled tend to do better for some reason. 4) A child can take their schoolwork with them on trips. 5) It usually takes less time because you don’t have to worry about switching classes, long luch breaks, ect. Some cons are 1) A child in a homschool usually becomes shy if they don’t get much exposure to other kids. 2) You’ll have to dedicate alot of time to school them. 3) There are lots of distactions at home (games, computer,ect.) 4) Kids may complain about having no friends. 5) Homeschooled kids often get called names because the don’t go to “normal” school. Hope this helps a little bit - Katie ;D

Answer #4

true true!

Answer #5

Homeschooling is illegal in my country.

In Germany, if you do not want your child to go to a public school, you can send your kids to private schools. You can even make your own private school with other parents but these private schools are controlled by the state to ensure a minimum standard of education. And your teachers and your students must go through official tests. And then there are special moving teachers in public service for kids who can’t go to school. Some of them will travel with carny kids who live in a circus or travel with kermis people. Others will go to child hospitals and visit kids who are on a chemo-therapy or similar situation.

Answer #6

We homeschool our daughter for various reasons. She has ADHD and dyslexia. Since we can cover everything she needs to learn in a few hours she doesn’t need as much ADD medication than she would in school and while public schools in my area don’t even test for dyslexia unless the child still isn’t reading well by 4th grade we learned of our daughters dyslexia at 5 and began aggressively remediating it she now reads well above her grade level at 8. She does lots of things outside the home. She takes Suzuki violin, guitar lessons, Tae Kwon Do, and goes to art school, and a one day a week school so she gets some experience of a traditional classroom setting. At 15 she will probably start taking classes at community college and will get college credit for the classes she takes for high school. Personally I think homeschooling can be great. It is a serious financial commitment and a huge time commitment for parents; not everyone has the resources to homeschool but for those who do it is one of the best ways to guaranty that your child gets a good education.

Answer #7

Some states provide on-line school free of charge for parents who want to homeschool. The drawback here is that it is still public school so you have to deal with most of the same bureaucracy and rigid rules that traditionally educated kids put up with. I do think that remote learning is going to be a big deal in the future and may even become the norm with brick and mortar classrooms the exception.

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