How do you view your ip address on a laptop?

Answer #2


  1. Click Start
  2. Click Run
  3. Type CMD
  4. Type ipconfig and hit Enter
Answer #3

Go to “My Network Places”, after the window comes up, click the “View Network Connections” link. Then, double-click your network connection. Click the “Support” tab and view the IP address.

Answer #4

Okay, so i see too things that say IP is nothing but zeros…the other has a percent sign in it..does that sound right?

Answer #5

There is a website called knowmyip that will give you your ip address

Answer #6

Hmm…not really. I suggest going to what Irene posted. I never knew about that, but it shows you your IP address.

Answer #7

Chances are that your laptop uses a private IP address that isn’t routeable on the internet. There are ranges of IP addresses reserved for this purpose but most home networks use addresses in the range 192.168.?.?. Using the Windows ipconfig command will show you this; look for “IP Address” or “IPv4 Address” in the output.

Private IP addresses are converted to routable “real” internet addresses through Network Address Translation or NAT. The easiest way to discover the IP address the worlds sees is to go to a website like that mrs_jay mentioned.

The reason for NAT is we would have long ago run out of IP addresses if every device with access to the internet had a unique IP address. When I first used the Internet there were far less than 1 million computers on it and there was no need for NAT. Now that there are many more computers with access to the internet plus phones, printers,, game consoles, refrigerators, etc. many devices have to share an IP address.

Answer #8

ipv4 address

Answer #9

i use but why do you need to know it for?

Answer #10
  1. From the Windows desktop, click the My Network Places icon.

The My Network Places window opens.

  1. Click the View Network Connections link (on the left side of the My Network Places window).

The Network Connections window opens.

  1. Double-click your network connection.

Your network connection’s dialog box opens with the General tab displayed.

Your laptop may have several connections, including a wireless network, a 1394 or FireWire connection, and a LAN.

  1. In the General tab, view the Local Area Connection information.

See the connection status, the amount of time (duration) it’s been active, and the current speed.

  1. Click the Support tab and note the IP address.
Answer #11

Do you mean the internal or external ip?To find the internal(system) goto Start->Run->cmd->ipconfig/all.

Answer #12

To find the external ip visit

Answer #13

To view the internal(laptop/system) ip goto Start->Run->cmd->ipconfig/all To view the external ip visit

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