How do I make a video smaller so that I can upload it?

I would like to upload a video, but it is 154 Mb. How do I get it smaller. And can whoever answers me please give a step by step explanation. Thank you.

Answer #1

You can do this with VLC, but is can be complex, I know there are easier ones out there, but this one is open source.

Answer #2

But how do I do it with VLC. oh and it is a .MOV file.

Answer #3

Well you have to play the video file in VLC then hit record on it and the settings you have this to record will be your output file, but you have to set it up to do this.

Answer #4

ok. I’ll try it thanks

Answer #5

I would sugest opening Windows Movie maker, importing the video file you want to compress and press “publish” then push “This computer”, name it then choose one of the three choices. the topone makes no change, the middle one you can up or lowwer the size ( Don’t go too low or it will look crappy) and I don’t know what the bottom one does. Then hit Publish! Hope this helps :) If it doesn’t, tell me.

Answer #6

Just a question, is windows movie maker in windows 7 as well?

Answer #7

Should be. I’ll just check on my other computer.

Answer #8

Yeah, I have it. Go onto your start menu and type into the search “Windows Movie maker”

Answer #9

This might be the easiest, but I have never used it.

Answer #10

Mm, it is pretty simple, not the best but still works.

Answer #11


Answer #12

Thanks a lot.

Answer #13

Did it work?

Answer #14

Couldn’t find movie maker. Tried another programme, but quality is too bad for me to upload it :(

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