Vet assistant, is it a good job?

Does anyone know anything I can go to college for,for only 2 years??is a vet assistant an ok thing to do??

Answer #1

my neighbor is a vet assistant or a veterinary technician or something & she gets to pick the hours she goes in its awesome! she works mondays, tuesdays, & fridays & she makes great money

Answer #2

You can go to college for 2 -3 years at a Community College even - get an Associates Degree in Nursing … and then take the RN test - pay will be over 20 an hour - not bad for just a few years of college!

Answer #3

Yeh sure!! its a great thing 2 do ..Helping little animals.. I don’t no how long you train for though But please do it…I hate to think animals are dying! xxx

Answer #4

Do you think online classes are good to do for this???

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