What did our Earth start with?

ok here goes im going to confuse you!!!

Who made the world: God Who made him: his parents who made them: their parents etc. going on and on with parents how was the universe made? aand whoever made that what did he/she stand on? no land? And who made that person? So maybe aliens made that person who made the aliens? and who made them? It gos on and on and on So maybe it started all with an empty space what made that?


Answer #1

Someone probably has already said this, but if you are so deep into your religion that you actually have no doubt that there is a god, you should be really…Be helped. This is kind of off topic, but I really don’t understand how people can be put into the mental ward for “hearing voices,” yet the ones who downright believe in all of these gods and preach like they’re pastors in public aren’t taken into the custody of the hospital. I’m sorry, but that just really boggles my mind and pisses me off.


Honestly, I don’t know how the entire universe started, but I can tell you that from common sense, microorganisms simply developed into what we are today. There’s no questions asked about it. No Noah and the Ark, no Garden of Whateveritwascalled.

God can mean a lot of things to people. God can be your light in life, your scapegoat. But when it comes to all of these dramatic events, the world forming, all of that…He has nothing to do with it.

Answer #2

Aristotle was asking the same type of questions several hundered years before Christ. St. Thomas Aquinas was still asking them in the 1200s.

These were the conclusions that they drew:

There had to be a “final cause” that everything came from. It has to have been eternal, and compatible with every form of existence.

There had to be a first cause, because nothing is capable of starting itself in motion, (see Newston’s 1st law of motion), and nothing is capable of generating itself (see the biological law of regeneration). Because the world exists, there had to have been something that it came from; it couldn’t have started with nothing because then there wouldn’t be anything now.

Furthermore, they cocluded that the original cause had to have been eternal and uncreated, otherwise it would have been merely one in a long line of causes (as you already noted in your question).

Based on Greek philosophy, as well as the philoshy of several of her later doctors, the Christian Church confesses a belief in an eternal, uncreated being, responsible for the creation and continued existence of all existence. Thus the creed reads:

“We believe in one God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and Earth: of all things seen and unseen. We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father, God from God, light from light, true God from true God, begotten not made, one in being (essesne/nature) with the Father. Through him all things were made.”

It is confusing when you first start to think about it, but after a while, you may realize that it is the best explanation for the given set of facts.

Answer #3

You know, if you don’t start by assuming there was once nothing, the whole problem just goes away. What’s the basis for assuming there was once nothing? There isn’t any. It’s just ‘common sense’. The problem is, common sense is often wrong.

Answer #4

yah the answer above is a little weird but ok? im not a beleiver of that for sure!

Answer #5

According to His word, God has always been, is now, and forever will be - if we’re saved there is much we won’t know, can’t know (we’re not capable of understanding) - our mind is limited in the ability to understand - God says ‘My thoughts are not your thoughts and My ways are not your ways’ - when we get to Heaven, we’ll know !!

Answer #6

ok this is just creepy! I have no clue what’s going on!


Answer #7

ok whoeversaid stars made the planets your wrong because something had to make the stars they didnt just poof up and bam there they are!

Answer #8

Who knows? Is there really a god? Is religion just a waste of time? ..we’ll never know.

and @ xxlovehurtsbabexx: when was the start of time? There had to be a start, one day. It cant’ve been here forever, there had to be ONE day that it was created..

Answer #9

You know, if you don’t start with teh assumption that someone/thing made the universe, all these problems just go away. I don’t understand why people assume that there was a time when the universe did not exist.

Answer #10

We can believe that the world always has been… so, why do we have such a hard time beliveing that

   God has always been???
Answer #11

Yes but howd god get amazing powers?

Answer #12

You wont know because it didnt happen like that there was only god. The reason you cant comprehend this is because were only human were arent able to understand it. In the bible god describes us as sheep. I fyou dont already know sheep are one of the stupidest animals ever. Are minds are to small to comprehend it

Answer #13

Gravity made stars.

Answer #14

“So maybe it started all with an empty space what made that?”

There is no such thing as empty space, we know this now. At the quantum level, even a total vacuum has structure.

I know it’s been debated on this site before, but the Big Bang theory is the most credible explanation for how the universe began, and it’s got quite a bit of evidence to support it. It’s not a theory that says “everything came from nothing” as many theists who don’t understand it claim. Discoveries in quantum physics have advanced our understanding of how the Big Bang happened.

It definately makes a lot more sense than believing that there has always been a supreme deity, who suddenly decided to create the universe, only to have it all go horribly wrong and then have to punish most of his prize creation with hellfire.

Now THAT is very, very confusing.

Answer #15

Our human bodies are stuck in time, and our minds generally can’t move ‘out of time’ either. Some scientists and mathematicians do seem able to get their heads around time, though, and what they are working out is that ‘time’ isn’t everywhere. It’s more or less just a theory that makes sense of the world we live in. So I’d say that God is outside of time (which is the meaning of ‘eternal’) and that the universe, the earth, humans etc are inside of time, and that’s we find it really hard to grasp the idea of eternity.

So God is there forever, and doesn’t need a start or a finish. I have no idea how, but, unlike kingofpop, I’m personally glad He’s here…

Answer #16

God made everything

Answer #17

God was first created by an egyption king, who decided instead of having many gods/godesses, they would just have one. One God rules over all creation, and lays a path for moral behavior. But really God was just an explanation for our primitive ancestors, and the many people who believe in him today. “God” is probably microorganisms living in the oceans. The universe was created from a singularity, aka the bigbang theory, the most supported theory today.

Answer #18

God ha always been here and he always will be. He’s existed since the beinging of time.

Answer #19

yes I know that but something had to be before him do you get what I mean he couldnt have made himself

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