Verbal abuse?

So there’s this girl in my class, she keeps on picking on me. Like first she started making fun of how dark I am and started being racist (twice), then she called me fat, then she made fun of how big my breasts are (which isn’t so big) then she called me a lesbian, like asking where my ‘girlfriend’ is, then she called me a guy. Really annoying! And she always makes fun of me infront of my other friends. Okay, so maybe not friends because I dont really like them, but infront of my other classmates. My close friends and mum knows about this. And they keep on telling me to stand up for myself, which I’m really bad at, cause I lack confidence, and I’m really bad at comebacks. Oh and all this didnt really happen on the same day. It’s just that sometimes I feel like b*tch slapping her

Answer #1

Shes a B*tch .. this girl in my school picked on me and she looked like a bull dog .. so I sed at least I dont look like a bulldog.. and now she does say anything .. just say somthing shes really quiet about

Answer #2

This stuff always happens with teens…all that you need to do is to prove her wrong. Start with a new style, clothes for a change…if you start wearing what she wears then she cant call you ugly because then she will just be saying that to herself. With her calling you names…go to the admin. office and report her, it is so easy and you can make it annonomys. Hope that this helps! Good Luck.

Answer #3

I know how you feel, these guys at school made fun of me ( I really have no idea why they did). first of all, shes making fun of you because shes insecure. so keep that in mind when she makes fun of you again. did you ever tell the teacher that the girl is making fun of u? when the guys made fun of me in gym class, I told the gym teacher. those guys still made fun of me, but I kept on telling the gym teacher. later, I found out that if those guys make fun of me one more time, they’ll get a referral to the office, so they stopped making fun of me

Answer #4

dont worry about her she is jelous dont stoop to her level be the bigger person she is the one that will look foolish if you dont get bothered , racist’s are idiots not worth getting upset about.

Answer #5

I was like that but one you stand up for yourself you will get use to it trust me

Answer #6

Knowing how to come-back is an art form in itself and some are just better at thinking on their feet …Winston Churchill is known for his absolute zingers. if you want to read a really good biography on him, check out The Last Lion, by William Manchester. Dude was all around genius. My favorite joke of his was “Sir, if you were my husband, I would poison your drink.” - Lady Astor “Madam, if you were my wife, I would drink it.” - Churchill I had a problem with a bully a time or two and reminded them that they were a sick mind with a running mouth problem and had them step aside. Here’s another funny one from Churchill to make you laugh. Churchill and Lady Astor had a string of exchanges. I’m not sure of the wording but one went; Astor, observing a drunken Churchill, “Winston! You’re drunk!” Churchill, “Yes madam. You’re ugly, but in the morning I shall be sober…”

I don’t think Churchill liked women in parliament. Astor was the first, I think.

Remember hon; it isn’t what you are called that matters- it’s how you CHOOSE to respond. The one who says less with class wins hands down.

Answer #7

make fun of her stick up for yourself if she calls you a guy tell her shes 1 to talk. make fun of her defects (I know t sounds a little mean)and if even then she doesnt stop reprt her to the principal. you cant let people push you around all your life.hope this helped

Answer #8

this girl has some real serious self esteem issues and YOU lilone are the lucky recipient of her verbal RUBBISH. Do NOT give her any satisfaction via responding to her. Ignore her remarks.

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