vegetarian kid

Are Vitamins Necessary for Vegetarian Kids? what vitamins do you recommend?

im 13 and still considered as a kid

Answer #1

YES. I was a vegetarian for a year and a half and didn’t take my vitamins and I got really sick so I started eating meat again. you MUST take them… even though they suck haha B12 is the best you can take.

Answer #2

jazlove…, I’d like to see some more solid research and references on that. Because there is a lot of research that’s been done on vegetarian diets, and the basic conclusion is that non-animal foods CAN supply all that is needed, with the possible exception of B12. True, you have to think carefully about what you eat - but then, shouldn’t we all?

Not everyone will be happy on a vegetarian diet, true. But not everyone is happy eating meat either. The world is full of both kinds of people.

Answer #3

yes, because although most vegetarians will claim there doing “just fine” without meat there not there are a lot of important nutrients that help them live, help there body grow and develop and help there general wellbeing and health that nuts, seeds and fruit dont provide

Answer #4

Yes, everyone needs vitamins - but that doesn’t necessarily mean pills or tablets. Vitamins are in our everyday food, and if you eat a balanced diet that should take care of almost everything. Almost, because some vegetarians can be low on B12.

In too many countries nowadays the commercial firms have got people to believe that they absolutely MUST swallow (or chew or whatever) lots of different vitamin pills every day. Fresh vegetables and fruit and nuts will give you most the vitamins and minerals you need.

Another thing is that there’s a lot of nonsense spread about vegetarianism and how unhealthy it is and all that. You can literally think yourself into not being well.

Good luck from someone who’s been a vegetarian for about the past 40 years or so.

Answer #5

All vegetarians need vitamins, particularly B12. Ask your doctor.

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