Where did they get vampires out of bats?

Answer #1

so you know how vampires turn into bats and stuff … who came up with that idea like where did they get vampires out of bats?

Answer #2

A guy who drank blood loved bats and eventually it became a thing where vampires were bats.. Or maybe it came from the bats who drank animal blood and because vampires drink blood the bats were vampire bats and then people just thought the bats were actually vampires

But I’m not entirely sure it’s just my guess. Hope it helped!

Answer #3

Ok Thank You :)

Answer #4

i tihkn its because vampires are nocturnal and so are most bats, and the fact that bats live in dark creepy places might also be a reason why. i dont really know but thats what i think

Answer #5

Because their are actually bats that let go a saliva that numbs the area of livestock and then they pierce the skin. The saliva also thins the blood, so the bloods runs out and the bats drink the blood. They are also called Vampire Bats. Not sure which was called Vampire first. But that’s why Vampires are associated with bats. It was either that or mosquitoes. Lol.

Answer #6

LoL thank you :)

Answer #7


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