Do you like vampire stories?

Do you like vampire stories

Answer #1

I think eevry one daoes ^_^ Have you read Tales From the Dark Tower by Joseph Vargo? You might like that book

Answer #2

anne rice series. laura k. hamilton. stephanie meyer. they have great series. and dracula by bram stoker =D

Answer #3

yes, I love vampire stories, I have read a lot of anne rices books- they are good, but a little redundant, I have read other books by other authors. there was a book titled ANNO DRACULA that had an interesting plot- really cool.

the best books about the paranormal in general that I have read were- THE WITCHING HOUR, TALTOS, LASHER- by anne rice, it is a truly amazing story about a family of witches- I love those books.

Answer #4

the vampire is very symbolic and mysterioisly romantic.

Answer #5

Yeah I do…I just watched ‘Interview with a Vampire’ for the first time and it was really good

Answer #6

yea lol…Hellsing xD awesome anime show.

Answer #7

I love interview with a vampire :)

Answer #8

hell yes!!! <3 Vampires are da cooliest!

Answer #9

I love them! there is the twilight series, blue bloods, cirque du freak, vampire academy, marked, and vampires diaries! they are sooo good! I love em!

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