What should I do for my husband for Valentine's Day?

what should I do for my husband for valentine’s day? something cheap but meaningful. does anyone know of any good craft sites I could go to and get ideas?

Answer #1

I always make a special meal for my husband. I pick a cut of Meat that he really loves and use it in a recipe he has never had. This year I am doing a Rib eye with Roasted Pepper Salsa and Chile Butter and a Strawberry Cake with Mixed Fruit Compote.

He looks forward to it every year! Then we usually go see a movie together!

Answer #2

I say get some nice boxers like Polo Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein…I know they are kind of expensive (24 each) but I mean it is worth it…and get yourself something sexy from Fredricks of Hollywood and wear that for him…massage oils and body candy is also totally hot. = )

Answer #3

Once I didn’t have a lot of money over my partner’s birthday. So, I decided to do some special things just for him:

I called his mum and asked what his favourite meal was, and made sure it was cooked and ready for him when he got home from work. After that was eaten, I got out the dessert I had made- pears and icecream with hot caramel sauce. After the meal was over, I got out some heavenly smelling bath treats, and ran a nice hot bath for us to climb into. We sat in the bath sipping sparkling grape juice, and got ourselves nice and relaxed. When we got out, I gave him a nice long back massage to help get him off to sleep.

He said it was the best birthday ever, and he was blown away by how much thought I had put into it.

Answer #4

http://www.etsy.com/ <- has hand made gifts of all kinds. cafepress.com <- you can upload a photo & get it printed on all sorts of products, or a logo, message, etc. zazzle.com <- same as cafepress redenvelope.com has pretty neat stuff, however, relatively limited selection…might be worth seeing what they have to get some ideas.

Cologne is a common, but good one if he doesn’t have more than one bottle. If he uses a computer bag, perhaps one with an engraving or similar that looks professional & yet has meaning.

Good luck.

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