Vaginal problem, a lot of discharge

I have a lot of vaginal discharge and it smells a lot what can I use to treat it

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no douching is very bad for u ... you need to make sure that when you take a bath that you wash your vagina properly with mild soap and warm water making sure you get into all the grooves of your vagina ... here is just a list of some things you can do to take care of your vagina
1) wear cotton panties
2) dont douche
3) dont use petroleum jelly or oils for lubrication
4) avoid prolonged wearing of tight-fitting clothing such as bathing suits, exercise wear, pantyhose
5) always use condoms for sexual intercourse
6) wipe your vagina from front to back...never vice versa as improper wiping easily spreads bacteria to the vagina and may lead to vaginal discharge and infection.
7) vaginal infections can cause your vagina to itch if it does dont scratch as this will inflame the area and make things worse
8) avoid using products that can irritate the vagina such as feminine hygiene products, perfumed or deodorant soaps, powders, lotions, and bubble baths
9) practice good hygiene
10) eat well and drink lots of water

if that doesnt work then see a doctor because you may have a more serious prb...the thought of going to a gyno maybe scary but its worth it

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douche (dolla store)

Brown Vaginal Discharge

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also it could be the foods you eat.
a lot of foods can make you smell differently down there.

Is vaginal discharge supposed to taste sour?

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