I am not a fan of Valentines Day. My boyfriend loves it. If I let him…he would get me a whole bunch of stuff. It makes me feel guilty he is like that with me when I dont have a clue on what to get him…

I have been with my boyfriend for a year and six months. So I have shared a Valentines with him, which he liked a lot. Did I mention that we are long distance with a country border between us? Im in Canada and he is in the USA. I went to see him this past December so there is no way I will be able to go see him for the 14th of Feb. I do want to give him a gift for the 14th and show that I do care but I dont know what to do or get him… :-( I am not creative in anyway so little artsy things are out for me (even stuff on the computer is hard for me). I cant really get him food because his family is strict and a vegetarin…no matter what they will see what I get him and if I get my boyfriend food that is not up their ally…they wont be to happy about it. I have some money (enough to get something decent)

Other gifts I got him were: Drumsticks, a necklace, hat, wallet, watch…

Help :-(

Answer #1

Sorry for the late advice! Hope you figured that gift out. I was going to suggest music (new cd or old school stuff) with a cd of photos of you and him together. Or print them out and send them in a little photo album.

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