is bring me the horizon devilish kinda?

is bring me the horizon devilish kinda???lol im curious..ill still keep listening to their shittle anyways!

Answer #1

I dont know. I havnt heard their songs before…^_^

Answer #2

I dont think they are devilish

Answer #3

How are they devilish? They’re lyrics aren’t “evil” at all. It’s just music! If you like it, it shouldn’t matter if it “seems devilish” or not. Listen to what you like.

Answer #4

well they sure as hell aren’t christian. haha that’s OBVIOUS BUT. they’re still amazing. but they don’t say praise satan, so I wouldn’t say they’re devil-ish.

Answer #5

*f-ing with the so called devil will get you f-ed up lol, I was just listening to a song that said that! I don’t know, but who cares!

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