Do you think if Utopia where individualized, this would lead to the world as a whole being generally at peace?

Answer #1

Explain further? What do you mean individualized?

Answer #2

Utopia means a “perfect” society, if I am correct, which I do hope to be because if I’m not well that ruins my entire point. Anyways, going back to my point, perfection is entirely based on perspective. What is perfect to me would not be perfect to you, right? (I hope so, I’d find that weird in a cool way that we find similar ideas as perfect :o). If we focus on the mindset of what we see as perfect, and then exemplify it through ourselves, that would lead to people feeling accomplished and then generally adding a sense of contagious peace? :)

Answer #3

That does make a lot of assumptions. Like our sense of perfect would lead to people feeling accomplished. What happens when our sense of perfect is a world without homosexuality (and if you’re the president of a country you can actually put this into law and make it a capital offense), that wouldnt exactly make all people feel accomplished…

Answer #4

What if we take out government and put up autonomy? :)

Answer #5

Then you’d have chaos? What would stop people from stealing, mur.dering,, etc?

Answer #6

What was that sayin, that to change thy world, you have to change thyself or somehting like that, well… Don’t we all have good intentions at some point? :o

Answer #7

Yes, to change others you must first change yourself. But the problem is that we don’t all have good intentions. There are people who believe it is ok to hurt others to allow others to suffer as long as they are getting what they want. In a perfect world this philosophy would work…

Answer #8

No because humans need connection. We’d be too lonely, or at least a lot of us would. My sense of Utopia includes friendship, thus I wouldn’t want to live in my own personal little Utopia. Also, I believe we aren’t truly happy without the bad in our lives. Ever read the book Fahrenheit 451? Well if not read it. It discusses Utopias versus Distopias. Back to my point, if the bad in the world is taken away (which can’t because of disagreements on good and bad), then everything would be neutral because we wouldn’t have anything to compare the good too. People wouldn’t have goals, wouldn’t know what to improve on. Everything would become boring and we’d be right back where we started - with a society consisting of good and bad. It’s a blessing in disguise that can’t be escaped.

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